BITKOR has been manufactured lantern products such as LED Lantern, Emergency LED Light, LED Flashlight, Emergency LED Flashlight, Traffic Signal stick and Outdoor Camping Lantern.









It does not topple over by wind or vibration due to its low
    center of mass.

The horizontal and vertical control is possible up to 25
    degrees on a tilted surface.


Made of polycarbonate material it provides good grip and strong against the wind or vibration.

Ball shaped latch

Once a height is elected this ball shaped latch sits in the position to maintain its height.

Ball shaped groove

The tripod design allows 4-step height control for any ground shapes and supports the horizontal and vertical positions

Main body and attachments

A trunk that combines the body, legs and the lower parts, stands up as a main post.

Mid connecting body

It combines the body and the legs working as a supporting post for controlling the height of the legs.

Lower assembly part

The lower part of the unit consisting of the battery fit and the cap thereof.


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